Search Formula-1 V5

WISEnut’s Big Data search solution ‘Search Formula-1 V5’ provides for our clients the connections of accumulated knowledge as well as information in the vast amounts of information. Thus, users can make efficient access to data that are increasing exponentially across diverse information channels. It is the best Big Data search solution with a range of state of the art search technologies applied, including the distributed processing technology for Big Data, language processing technology, statistical analysis technology, processing technology for duplicated documents, fast search technology through in-memory, linkage technology for repositories, and ranking algorithm technology.

Guarantees surpassing search quality :
  • Supports various arrangement/ranking features.
  • Sophistication of multiple language processing.
Process large-volume of various data :
  • Supports dynamic indexes, real-time data updates, and in-memory processing
Makes expansion and setting change easy :
  • Supports multiple platforms and XML setting files.
Stable and efficient system configuration:
  • Distributed processing, parallel processing, search/index dualization, and index compression.
Offers an intuitive and convenient management tool:
  • System monitoring, search service management, search statistics, and dictionary management.