WISE BICrawler

WISE BICrawler, WISEnut’s Big Data crawling solution, enables users to collect the accurate and fast Big Data among the vast amounts of information. It only saves the information requested by clients through the cleansing technology and minimizes the storage space of collected data, thus reducing the data storage costs and management time caused by unnecessary data storage operation.

In addition to outstanding Big Data accessibility, crawling of various content, and optimization of storage space, the solution also boasts the following features:
  • Customized crawling of internal and external unstructured data.
  • Cleansing technology extracting only the required information among the collected data.
  • Support diverse forms of storage systems including Hadoop, NoSQL, file, and RDBMS.
  • Accurate crawling of various pieces of information including certification pages, comments, pop-ups, and information within the frame.
  • Extraction of various pieces of information including screen shots and attached file titles.
Its interface and management tool makes usage and management convenient:
  • Streamlined registration of crawl rules and support for partial automation.
  • Web-based management tools to set all the functions.
It promises safe and convenient system management and stable product characteristics:
  • Faster and more stable collection of large-scale contents.
  • Minimization of error situations of crawling through dead links management.