WISE BIC Analyzer

Big Data Analysis
WISE BIC Analyzer, WISEnut’s Big Data meaning analysis solution, saves time and costs to obtain insights and hidden information by analyzing unstructured Big Data and facilitates quick decision-making. It targets various types of unstructured Big Data including web pages, social media data, Business documents and uses WISEnut’s proprietary text mining processing and classification technologies. WISE BIC Analyzer will replace the old repetitive labor-intensive data collection and analysis with structural rearrangement, precise classification and confirmation of analysis.

Supports language processing for emotional analysis:
  • Precise/Sophisticated morpheme analysis.
  • Processing multiple natural languages.
  • Filtering appropriate documents for analysis purposes.
  • Recognizing entity names for analysis.
  • Extracting expressive words.
Offers meaning-based emotional analysis features:
  • Statistics of collective intelligence analytics analysis for being utilized in emotional analysis.
  • Emotional analysis indexing.
  • Analysis of positive and negative trends and search of opinions.
  • Analysis of issues and rapidly rising keywords.
  • Extracting expressive words.
  • Networks for major keywords.
  • Original text information for documents to be analyzed.
  • Comparison and analysis by the topic units.
  • Visualization of topic analysis results in various charts.
  • Time series analysis by the topics.
Offers management and monitoring features:
  • Notifications for analysis progress.
  • Notifications for completed analysis to the manager.
  • Listing of analysis objects and inquiries into their results.
  • Management of analysis results stored in NoSQL DB and RDB.
  • Registration and management of topics.
  • Management of analysis rules.
  • Supports for reporting.
  • Machine learning for the semi-automatic extraction of emotional vocabulary.
Supports various links:
  • API to reflect the outcomes of analysis system in service.
  • API for the search results in the case of linkage to the search engine system.
  • Provision of unstructured data analysis results by mapping of analyzed results from a structured data analysis tool.
  • Data analysis through complete linkage to Hadoop, NoSQL of Mongo DB, and all sorts of RDBMS where collected data are stored.
  • Conversion and extraction into various structured data and linkages to the old storage.
  • Supports for various operating systems.