Data Analysis

WISEnut’s ‘WISE BICrawler’ can cover social data from communities, tweeter, facebook, and searched data from portals like google, yahoo. ‘D-MAP’, our outstanding social marketing service, is the best way to utilize vast amount of data collected by WISE BICrawler. The service advances one step forward over old social analysis system. Client is able to see the integrated data combined with social data, autocorrected words and search volume. D-MAP is flexible with pile up additional customized insights that user wants to earn, and user also can analyze extracted data for certain purposes. By these functions, you can oversee public opinion, sales point, competitiveness and desirability of your own business.

  • Analyzing trend and extracting issue keywords
  • Unstructured data analysis
  • Influencer analysis and time series analysis for each topics
  • Emotional language processing and analyzing
  • Extracting primary relative terms
  • Risk alarming