WISE i Chat

Artificial intelligence core technology (pattern recognition, multilingual natural language processing; English, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, text mining, deep learning) is applied to provide knowledge and information suitable for users’ conversational query intention in real-time conversation service.

Utilizes unique conversation processing technologies
  • Machine learning and scenario-based hybrid dialogue analysis.
  • Morphological analysis technology for English / Chinese / Japanese / Korean.
  • Apply deep learning algorithm to understand short queries of own R&D.
  • Add and manage knowledge utilizing knowledge-based training center.
  • Achieved high satisfaction from current clients (satisfaction rate over 90%)
  • Accessibility : Improve customer satisfaction, constant response channels by 24/7 service.
  • Growth : Continuous knowledge expension through various ML algorithms.
  • Effectiveness : Operate with fewer people → Improve manage resource efficiency.
It promises safe and convenient system management and stable product characteristics:
  • Finance : Analyze customer information (presence of financial products, consultation history, field of interest, etc.)
  • E-Commerce : Provide goods recommendation and customer consultation.
  • Healthcare : Deal inquiry for reservation, prescription, and treatment
  • IT service : Q&A, Offer information-related service, agent for reservation, order, etc.
  • Enterprise/Public : Company regulations, manuals, Personal information and contact information.